Continuing Professional Development

23-24th September 2011 Bowen Technique workshop with Sylvia Wilkinson

October 2011 ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Indian Head Massage

October 2011 ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology

January 2012 Level 3 Diploma in Complete Pathology with Essential Training Solutions

1st-2nd March 2012 Anatomy of Bowen workshop with Julian Baker

April 2012 Precision Reflexology with Jan Williamson

2nd-3rd February 2013 Bowen Practitioner Workshop with Jihan Adhem

8-11th August 2014 Fascial Unwinding with Body in Harmony Training

15th-16th November 2014 Art of Bowen workshop with Alastair McLoughlin

26th-27th April 2015 Bowen Practitioner Workshop with Jihan Adhem

10th November 2015 Practitioner’s Diploma in Natural Lift Face Massage/Facial Rejuvenation with Gateway Workshops

2016 Healer training with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (the Healing Trust)

4th-5th November 2017 Importance of symmetry, Bowen Technique workshop with Matt East

29th-30th September 2018 Fascia Bowen training Parts 1 and 2 with Jo Wortley

29th October 2018 Practitioner’s Diploma in Beauty Facials with Gateway Workshops

13th-15th October 2019 AMT – Applied Myoskeletal Therapy, the work of John Garfield. Upper Torso workshop with Jules Wilson

8th-9th Feb 2020 Certificate in Facial Reflexology and Advanced Certificate in Facial Reflexology with Ziggie Bergman and the Association of Reflexologists at Regent’s University, London

22nd-23rd February 2020 Cranio Bowen training with Jihan Adhem, Bowen College UK

23rd June 2020 World Health Organization Health Emergencies Programme, Standard Precautions: Hand Hygience

23rd June 2020 World Health Organization Health Emergencies Programme, Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)

23rd June 2020 Jennifer Young Training School (FHT approved course) Control of Cross-infection in a Post-Covid 19 World

25th June 2020 Thinktree Education Preparing to Return to Work in a Covid-19 World

3-4th October 2020 Certificate in Zone Face Lift with Ziggie Bergman at Regent’s University, London

4th December 2020 Certificate in Aromatherapy Blending with Holistic Therapies Training Academy

12th December 2020 Applied Myoskeletal Therapy – Meridian Therapy, The Work of John Garfield with Jules Wilson

3-7th May 2021 Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Diploma

6th June 2021 Certificate in Facial Cupping

2-3rd October Working with mothers and babies with John Wilks, Bowtech and Bowen Training UK

15-17th October 2021 Applied Myoskeletal Therapy – Pelvis and Lumbar Spine, the work of John Garfield. With Jules Wilson.

March 2022 Advanced Diploma in Crystal Healing

April – June 2022 Certificate in Bio Stress Release Training (Orthobionomy)

8th May 2022 Applied Myoskeletal Therapy – Neck Workshop, the work of John Garfield. With Jules Wilson

July 2022 Diploma in Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching

31st August 2023 ITEC Diploma in Facial Reflexology

28th-29th October 2023 Applied Myoskeletal Therapy Refresher, Body Reading