Frequently asked questions

How many Bowen Technique appointments will I need? 

How many Bowen Technique appointments will I need? 
This will depend on the individual. Short term conditions may be resolved within 1 or 2 sessions. Long term conditions may require more. Many clients find that regular maintenance sessions every few months are helpful. The Bowen Technique is also excellent in combating the effects of stress and helpful in preventing injuries, for example for those who enjoy sports.

Will I need to remove any clothes during my Bowen Technique session?
No, the Bowen Technique can be carried out over light clothing.

Is the Bowen Technique suitable for people of all ages?
Yes, because the Bowen Technique is so gentle it is suitable for people of all ages from young babies to the elderly. It is usually carried out while lying down but because individual circumstances vary it can also be carried out while sitting or standing.

How long is each Bowen Technique appointment? 
The first session takes up to between 1-1¼ hours as a full history is taken. Subsequent sessions last about 1 hour. 

Can I have other complementary therapies after receiving the Bowen Technique?  
It is best not to have any other hands-on therapies during the week after having a Bowen session to allow the body time to respond.

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