Andrea Edwards BA (Hons), Cert ECBS, Cert LT, ITEC Dip, MHT,  Bowen Therapist Taunton Somerset

Complementary therapist providing Bowen Technique Therapy, Spinal Touch Therapy, Facial Reflexology, Swedish Body Massage, Reflexology, Spiritual Energy Healing, Natural Facials, Indian Head Massage and Natural Lift Face Massage in Taunton, Somerset.


These are some of the experiences of the people that I have treated.

Sciatica (Ken, Taunton)

I had a course of treatment using the Bowen Technique and found it an unhurried and relaxing experience. It helped to relieve sciatica in my left leg, from which I had been suffering for some time.

Multiple Sclerosis (Janet, Taunton)

I had been suffering from MS for a while when I began having treatments of the Bowen Technique. I had chest spasms, reduced sensation down the whole of my left side, and when I was tired it felt like I was dragging my leg around. After the second treatment I could balance on my left leg for the first time in 13 years. I’m amazed what I can do now compared to how my leg used to feel and I am walking much better. I have been feeling energised and more ‘in the moment’ and instead of taking the bus home from town I walk home and still feel full of beans at 10pm. My lungs feel much less constricted and I’ve not noticed the spasms in my chest since starting treatments. Everyone has been commenting on how well I look!

Arthritis and back pain (woman in her 70s)

The treatment is very relaxed and gentle. I suffer from arthritis and I was feeling particularly unwell with back pain and stiffness. I had the treatment about midday and at first just felt calm and relaxed. About 3 hours later I suddenly realised that my back pain had completely disappeared and there was no discomfort left whatsoever. 

Acute cricked and stiff neck and shoulders, hay fever (man in his 30s)

I’d been suffering from a cricked neck together with stiffness in the neck and shoulders for some time, largely as a result of lifting at work. A few days after the first session of Bowen the stiffness eased considerably. After the second and third treatments and despite continued lifting at work the stiffness disappeared and remained at bay. I’ve also had Bowen treatments to help with hay fever and was amazed at how much milder such symptoms have been since these treatments.

Severe lower back pain (PC, Taunton)

After having a severe lower back pain problem for several years I decided to give the Bowen Technique a try. After several treatments I have not looked back. I am now gardening and walking with no discomfort.

Scoliosis, stress, hayfever, haemorrhoids (RH, Taunton)

I came to Bowen feeling physically tired, run down and constricted. I have found the treatment has not only greatly helped my physical symptoms but has also given me a feeling of greater expansiveness in all areas of my life. From physical flexibility has come more emotional fluidity!

Painful knee (Garry, Sherborne)

I tore a knee ligament lifting a heavy load at work. It was so painful that it left me hobbling around for well over a month and caused sleep disturbances as I struggled to turn in bed in comfort. The knee was very slow to improve, so much so I was forced to cancel my annual walking holiday. It was roughly six months later that I decided to give Bowen a try and after just six treatments I was walking normally again and virtually pain free. I wish now that I hadn’t been so slow seeking help!

Lower back pain (Eileen, Taunton)

I had suffered from lower back pain since I gave birth to my daughter 40 years previously. The doctor I saw at the time said that I would have the back pain for the rest of my life. After a couple of years I found that the pain diminished but came back when I was tired, after sitting for periods of time, at night or when I was unwell. After having my first Bowen treatment my back felt much less painful and I found it easier to bend down. After my second treatment my back pain disappeared and I now just feel an occasional twinge.

Praise for Natural Lift Face Massage (Christine, Taunton)

Just thought I’d give you a tiny bit of feedback on Natural Lift Face Massage I had last  week   I think I am definitely   GLOWING  and think you have managed to get rid of some of the bags under my eyes and just brighter looking altogether   So thank you for this indeed it definitely works.

Andrea Edwards Bowen Therapist Taunton