Andrea Edwards BA (Hons), Cert ECBS, Cert LT, ITEC Dip, MNFSH,  Bowen Therapist Taunton Somerset

Complementary therapist providing Bowen Technique Therapy, Spinal Touch Therapy, Facial Reflexology, Swedish Body Massage, Reflexology, Spiritual Energy Healing, Natural Facials, Indian Head Massage and Natural Lift Face Massage in Taunton, Somerset.

Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, very effective, soft tissue remedial therapy. Each treatment involves the Bowen therapist making a series of rolling movements using fingers and thumbs, over muscle and soft tissue in specific areas of the body and can be carried out over light clothing or directly on the skin. There are breaks between movements while the body is given time to rest.

Each Bowen Technique movement creates a gentle ‘disturbance’ in the muscles, fascia and soft tissue, sending a message to the brain via the nerves and spinal cord from the area of the body that has been treated. The muscles and soft tissue of the body are very important as they determine both the position of the spine, and also the position of the organs within the body. It is believed that the rolling movements have a relaxing and balancing effect on the body, which allows the body to repair.

It is believed that the effects of Bowen Therapy improve the function of the lymphatic system in which waste products in the body are removed, circulation is improved with increased blood flow to the muscles, and stress and tension are released. This encourages the body to relax and realign. All this results in an increase in energy and a general feeling of well-being.

Because there is no force used whatsoever, the Bowen Technique can be used to treat people of all ages from babies to the elderly, as well as those in poor health. As each Bowen therapy session treats the whole person, you may notice improvements in all areas of the body, both physical and emotional, and not just of the symptoms for which you booked the treatment. A Bowen therapy treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Please see prices and clinic info page for more information.